Hair As Beauty Factor For Men And Women

Understanding Hair Loss

Lets face it, this is the inevitable for most of us out there. At some point of our lives we are going to start losing hair.

The most common form of hair loss in men and women is called “androgenic alopecia”.

Globally 95% men and 20% women will face complete or partial hair loss. 

Men can develop this anytime, usually it is in the late teen and early adulthood years.

For men, hair fall starts in the crown region and hair line starts receding backwards. This can either end up in complete baldness or patchy hair loss.

Women don’t go bald like men do, they have hair thinning and that too in their late 40s and sometime due to underlying conditions.

Women usually have hair thinning in the crown region. And as they age, the hair line split becomes wider, showing more scalp.

Problems and After Effects

Ever feel that when you lose something, or are in the process of losing it, you see more of that exact thing with someone else. And that too repeatedly. We all watch tv and use social media.  People’s selfies and celebrities pictures with amazing hair make us feel insecure.

Hair is 75% of the physical appearance. Also the most prominent feature of our appearance. No brand of cloths, shoes and styling can fill the void of fallen and/or missing hair.

Eventually this has psychological affects and it takes a toll on our self confidence and esteem. And the more we encounter this on a daily basis, the more setbacks we have, no matter how smart, amazing, rich or successful we are.

Causes of Hair Loss

Over the years, researchers conducted studies to find out what causes hair loss, fall and thinning. They have narrowed it down to a list of most likely possible reasons.

1) Heredity and Genetics

The foremost and most obvious reason is your genetics. You got it from your dad, he got it from his dad, so on and so forth. There is a branch of research that believes balding and hair loss comes from your mother.

Either way, it does not matter which side you get it from, it all comes down to the curse being pre-written in your genetic codes. Unfortunately we can not just pull out our DNA and make the changes we want, well not yet anyways.

2) Illness, Stress, Disease and Medications

Another factor for hair loss is diseases and prolong illnesses. If you suddenly start losing hair, get a checkup and find the underlying cause. Stress, depression, anxiety, physical and emotional trauma too can cause temporary hair loss.

Do not worry, once that phase passes, your hair will come back.

Certain medicines cause hair loss because their compounds affect our body chemistry and make a lot of changes.

Cancer patients lose hair during chemotherapy as the body temporarily stops rapid growing cells to prevent the spread of cancerous cells.

3) Hormone Imbalance and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Men and women are born with both testosterone and estrogen. When the gender gene kicks in, men get more testosterone and women get more estrogen with traces of the other hormones.

The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase converts excess male hormone into DHT. This then inhibits the follicle beds and cuts the supply of nutrients and minerals.

Deprived of nutrition, the follicles eventually become weak and die.

Hyper/hypothyroidism plays the main role in hormone levels of your body. Too much and too little can be harmful. See a doctor and get this checked.

4) Improper Diet

Being a picky eater was never good, and will never be good. All you do is deprive yourself of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs to stay alive and healthy.

You need to have a balanced intake of meat, fruits, vegetables and pulses to ensure you are loaded with the essentials to prevent diseases and maintain your health.

Allergies are an exception, look for alternate foods with the same nutrient content that you can consume safely.

5) Poor Hygiene and Hair Care

Do you oil your hair?

Do you use a chemical free shampoo?

How often do you bathe?

Now you see where the problem starts. Your hair needs topical nutrients, that can be given by almond/olive/coconut/mustard oil.

Make it a habit of massaging your hair with these oils to make sure your hair is nourished.

Hair Cut

Get your hair trimmed periodically, shorter hair are easier to manage and take care of. Plus its the current style these days, stay clean and trendy.

Put Less Chemicals on Your Hair

Buy shampoos that are chemical, SLS and paraben free. Sure the lather and fruity smell is nice but that might do more harm than good.

Products to Use

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