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RegenePure is pleased to introduce the latest innovation in minoxidil *hair loss solutions: the RegenePure Precision Minoxidil Spray. Our revolutionary formula makes treating androgenic alopecia easier than ever by allowing you to target areas of thinning and baldness with our precision fine mist applicator spray. Quick-drying to prevent drips and running, our formula offers enhanced effectiveness over foams and easier application than droppers.

Our RegenePure DR and NT shampoos are the perfect companion to minoxidil treatments. Enriched with hair fall opposing ingredients, RegenePure DR helps to cleanse and prepare the scalp. Ingredients in Regenepure DR helps oppose hair fall . RegenePure NT further cleanses the scalp and eliminates blockages from the follicles while nourishing the scalp and stimulating microcirculation to promote hair growth.

To help you find the perfect minoxidil hair loss products for your needs, we give you several different ways to try our RegenePure Precision Minoxidil Spray. You can purchase one bottle at a time to give us a try, stock up on multiple bottles or order a subscription to have a fresh bottle sent to you each month. We even sell RegenePure Precision in special minoxidil hair loss shampoo for men sets, giving you one bottle of our minoxidil spray, one bottle of RegenePure DR and RegenePure NT for best possible results. Explore your options for hair fall treatment with our wide range of products.