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What does new growth feel and look like?

The very first hairs that grow during RegenePure Precision treatment will be fine, soft, and almost colorless. You may even have a difficult time seeing this new growth at first. As you continue treatment, the hair will darken to match your hair color and will increase in thickness.

I started using RegenePure Precision, and it seems like I’m losing more hair now! Why is this happening?

The active ingredient in RegenePure Precision triggers the hair follicles to enter the hair-producing or development phase of hair growth. By resetting the hair growth process, RegenePure Precision may cause some of your existing growth to fall out within the first 2 weeks of treatment. This is normal. The formula’s effects will prompt stronger, thicker hairs to grow back in the place of any hairs lost during the initial phase of treatment. If hair loss continues beyond the first 2 weeks, see a doctor, as this could be a sign that you have an underlying medical condition contributing to the excessive shedding.

How can I tell if RegenePure Precision is working?

Seeing an increase in hair loss during the first 2 weeks of use indicates that the RegenePure Precision formula has begun to affect the hair follicles and is often one of the first signs that treatment is working. After the first 14 days of treatment, you can expect to eventually feel soft new growth on your scalp. The timeline for new growth varies from person to person.

When will I see results from RegenePure Precision?

For most men, noticeable growth does not become apparent until at the 4th or 5th week of treatment. It can take longer for some men to begin to regrow thick, dark hairs. If you have not begun to see even fine growth by 4 weeks, see your doctor.


How long can I keep a bottle of RegenePure Precision?

To ensure potency and effectiveness, you should discard RegenePure Precision after 2 years.

I take medications for a health condition. Can I safely use RegenePure Precision?

Minoxidil 5% is not known to interact with any drugs; however, consult your doctor before you begin treatment with RegenePure Precision.

Does RegenePure Precision cause side effects?

Some men report dryness of the scalp, itching, or mild irritation.

How does RegenePure Precision treat hair loss?

RegenePure Precision uses minoxidil 5% to counteract the effects of hair follicle shrinkage caused by the hormone DHT. To learn more about 5% minoxidil, see our Active Ingredients page.


Is there a certain shampoo that I need to use?

When you’re treating your hair and scalp to fight androgenic alopecia, it’s important to keep the skin free of oil and impurities while properly hydrated and nourished. We recommend the use of RegenePure DR and NT shampoos with RegenePure Precision. RegenePure DR can be used 3 to 4 times per week to augment hair growth and alternated with RegenePure NT, nourish new and existing growth while keeping your hair healthy and strong. If you choose to use a different shampoo with RegenePure Precision, look for one that is free of sulfates. Sulfates are ingredients that can damage hair and possibly exacerbate hair loss.

Does sun exposure contribute to male pattern baldness?

No. Being outside in the sun does not lead to hair loss; however, the sun can cause the skin of the scalp to age and lead to the development of skin cancer. It’s important to wear a hat or use sunscreen when you head outdoors.

Can I use styling products with RegenePure Precision?

Yes. Gels, hair sprays, pomades, mousses and other products can be used during treatment. Just apply RegenePure Precision first, and ensure that it has dried before you use your regular styling aids.

Does my hair have to be dry when I apply RegenePure Precision?

For best results, you should spray RegenePure Precision onto dry hair. If you’re pressed for time after your shower, remove excess water from your hair with a towel before using the formula.

Is it safe to use a hair dryer after I’ve applied RegenePure Precision?

Yes, the formula can be safely used prior to heat styling and hair-drying, but to protect your hair, use your blow dryer’s lowest setting.

Can I swim after using RegenePure Precision?

We don’t recommend swimming immediately following application of the formula, as this can wash away the formula and decrease its effectiveness. It is fine, however, to swim or get your hair wet hours after application.


Is it safe to use RegenePure Precision for long-term hair loss treatment?

Yes, you can safely use RegenePure Precision for as long as necessary to maintain results.

If I stop using RegenePure Precision, will my hair begin to fall out again?

Without regular use of RegenePure Precision, the narrowing of your hair follicles will lead to renewed hair loss. If you discontinue use of the product, new growth will typically be lost within 3 to 4 months. The fine mist applicator spray is designed to make it as easy as possible to continue to use RegenePure Precision to maintain your results.

What happens if I forget to use RegenePure Precision?

Forgetting to use RegenePure Precision for a day or two will not cause a major impact in your hair loss treatment. Just restart normal use if you forget a dose. Don’t apply the product more than twice per day, as this will not improve results, even if you’ve missed a dose.


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