So what makes it so good?

Pivot Head Applicator

Minoxidil Spray Applicator
Put the minoxidil where it should be- on your head!

Accurately target & treat all of your trouble spots with the swivel head applicator.

Get an even application

Minoxidil Spray Mist
Get an even application of minoxidil to the entire scalp.

The Regenepure mist ensures even coverage without the mess!

Clinically proven

Minoxidil Statisctics
5% Minoxidil works to fight hair loss!

48% higher hair count than with 2% minoxidil. It has proven to be effective for regrowth.

Minoxidil 5% for male pattern baldness.

What make regenepure Minoxidil Spray work for hairloss
Active Ingredients:
Minoxidil 5%
Our physician-formulated product contains the highest grade of minoxidil.
Month Supply
Per Bottle!

Minoxidil: the best treatment for hair loss

While other hair loss treatments have come and gone, Minoxidil has remained the number one recommended hair loss treatment for men for more than two decades.

Minoxidil 5% differs from other hair loss products because it is:

  • Extremely effective results in promoting new hair growth
  • Rapid acting
  • Decreased hair loss
  • Minimal side effects

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Minoxidil 5% for male pattern baldness.

5 star rating

“Finally, minoxidil is easy to use! You just spray it on. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes. I've tried other products and RegenePure Precision is definitely the best. ”

- Steve Williams, Subscriber

5 star rating

“After 7 months of using RegenePure Precision, I have new growth on the crown of my head. People who haven't seen me say I look younger now. So glad I found this product.”

- Phillip Hatfield, Subscriber

5 star rating

“I haven't experienced regrowth after using RegenePure Precision, but after 8 months, I'm certain that my hair isn't thinning like it was before. I don't feel that dread when I look in the mirror now. My confidence is coming back.

- Jackson Wendel, Subscriber

5 star rating

“RegenePure Precision is completely different than other minoxidil products I've tried. It doesn't drip. It goes right onto the scalp. I saw a change in thickness in my hair within 6 months.”

- Marlene Mehlia, Subscriber

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Minoxidil Spray and Regenepure Hairloss Shampoo

Get the fastest results by using the Total Action Kit from Regenepure, which includes:

Regenepure DR, Regenepure NT and Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray.
Healthy daily hair care habits are essential to successful treatment and results. The Total Action Kit provides everything you need to regrow your hair and keep your scalp in the best of health. Regenepure DR uses Ketoconazole to remove built-up cellular debris and product residue around the hair follicles, which increases the amount of Minoxidil that is absorbed with every application.

Regenepure NT supplies nutrients and moisture to the hair strands without exposing the hair to harsh chemicals. Both Regenepure DR and NT are sulfate and paraben-free, so it is safe to use on color or chemically treated hair. The Precision Minoxidil Spray simplifies the use of minoxidil 5% by delivering the nourishing formula right to your scalp with a precision fine mist applicator. The kit is a complete daily hair care regimen to help you get the best possible results in the fight against hair loss.